Encrypted Messaging.








End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

All messages are encrypted from app to app, so your messages are safe and secure. We only store your messages after they have been encrypted locally from inside the app.



Anonymous Messaging

Send private messages & post anonymously, your avatar doesn’t have to be tied to your real identity.


free download

Totally Free

Nxtty is free to download plus messaging and calls are free for everyone.


Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Nxtty does not use your phone contact list, phone number or social media connections for login. We also do not store any personal details such as password, phone numbers or e-mail addresses.



Anonymous free Calls

Free Anonymous app to app calling over wifi or 3G to any contact in your list.



Open Chat

A common Nxtty community platform where you can openly post images, updates or links chat room style in a variety of topic areas.